Depending on your age, the title may bring you back to an oldie but goodie Don Henley song – Heart of the Matter

It may also lead you down the path of what matters to you as of course February is all about heart. We have heard a lot lately on how sales and customer experience have changed. In modern sales, it is all about the experience and value you bring.

“86% of customers state experience is just as important as a product or service”

Show your client they matter:

– Show that you are actively listening by asking follow up questions

Have empathy
– Let the client know that they are cared for

Stay curious
– At every interaction, what is something new you can learn?

Can you also do this with coworkers for a better work experience? Check out this 25-minute game-changer course – Make Everyone Matter with Zach Mercurio.

For all the above, when was the last time you received a handwritten note? “The Speed of Trust that illustrated the power of a handwritten thank you.”

The Story Behind the Heart

February is a very special month for me – it’s about heart health.

I was born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). CHD is not “curable” and requires lifelong care by congenital heart specialists. There are roughly 35 different types of CHD, mine is more complex having four things wrong with my heart. One of the complexities is pulmonary stenosis. This is basically where the valve (or lack of a heart valve in my case) is narrowed.

I had two open heart surgeries while very young (6 months & 2 yrs old) that were successful. As a result, I have mandatory monitoring in which my medical team watches for changes with my heart and its functionality that arise. At my 34-year-old check-up, my heart function was not where it should be. Which meant my team and I would have to schedule a heart surgery.

I walked into the hospital for a third open-heart surgery. For three months post-surgery I had to learn how to breathe again and couldn’t lift anything over 5 pounds.

Check out my one minute story (and how bubble wrap saved my life)

Learn more about CHD here.

This month I will be doing a four part video on LinkedIn talking about my heart journey during heart month. Join me!

Me doing my annual stress test-these are not as glamorous as the movies make them out to be.

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