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What’s the difference between relationship selling and traditional selling?

Relationship selling– focuses on long-term relationships, the customer experience, and brand loyalty.

Traditional selling– is more transactional, resulting in short-term limited customer interactions.

The number one benefit of relationship selling or marketing?

It enhances your customer experience.

If generating more quality leads, customer retention, and brand loyalty are some of your top priorities – then moving towards a solid system and process for relationship sales is key.

Personalization converts. Processes help you get there.

Relationship Selling 101

Building and implementing a relationship-based sales strategy starts with understanding the various components and then choosing the right mix, best for your customers.

Here are the top three best practices in relationship selling that drive revenue:

  1. Know your customers – their needs, goals, and frustrations. Create unique ways to capture, track, and retain that information.
  2. Show that you’re listening – use the “know your customer” data to design custom and personalized solutions for your customers.
  3. Keep it going – considering your customers’ experience, take action steps to extend the relationship (in terms of retention).

Take a read of HubSpot’s Guide to Relationship Marketing:

Sell the conversation, not the meeting. An interest CTA is the highest-performing call to action for cold calls.

How We Help

Sales and Presence is unique from other sales consulting/training companies in that we focus on what is working today. We look at patterns and statistics within sales and communication to help align your team to what is working. We are also uniquely designed in that we mold our system to yours. We work with you to design the consulting and training around your specific challenges and needs.

Our key areas of focus are Psychology, Sales Knowledge, and Communication (verbal and nonverbal). We do that through:

  • Corporate consulting, working with your company ongoing
  • Keynote speaking at events and industry associations
  • Sales meeting trainings, adding value to your monthly/quarterly/yearly team meetings
  • 1:1 training with team members

Every day we are excited to bring new ideas and thought processes to those within this space and are honored to work with amazing companies who are investing in training for their people!

Let S& P help you give your team the support they need through training that works

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